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My Baby’s ONE!! Cake Smash Time!

TaliaOK- I’ve done it.  I blinked.  Just once, I swear.  But that’s all it took for this little one to turn one!  Where does the time go?  I’ve been awaiting the cake smash session with my own little one and it was not a disappointment.  I am reminded how little time there is to actually capture the sweet and magical moments with the busy on-the-go one year olds.  None-the-less, I am happy with what I captured!  We did some sitting pretty shots before nap time and the nap gave me a chance to set everything up for the next round of pictures. TaliaTaliaShe should have been thrilled that she got to eat cake for lunch but she was surprisingly indifferent.  Don’t get me wrong, she liked it just fine.  But I always envision that the baby is going to dive in and devour the entire cake.  Well that wasn’t the case with my other daughter and it proved wrong here too.  I got her started off the bat and just gave her a taste of the frosting to assure that she knew it was super yummy.  She didn’t have a problem getting into that frosting but the cake remained mostly intact. TaliaTaliaTaliaTaliaTaliaSince everything was set up, we took advantage and got some big sister shots too!  Isn’t she a ham?Talia

Backlit haze- before and after

I just love when there is such a dramatic difference from when I bring a photo into photoshop and when it leaves.  And especially when it really wasn’t a long and extensive edit.  Check out this backlit photo and how Kylee’s face goes from hazy to happy!   To me there is a huge shift of focus back to where it is supposed to be- on beautiful Kylee!  Happy Wednesday!Kylee_12-copy

Kylee: Verrado Senior Photographer

Meet Kylee.  She is my Pastor’s daughter and just the sweetest thing you’ll meet.  She babysat for my kiddos when they were little and she was only a Freshman at the time.  And I can’t believe that it’s almost time for her to leave home and venture out on her own.  She is just gorgeous and has such a genuine personality.  I just love her fresh and pure look!  It was such a privilege to be asked to take her Senior pictures.  She’s got a bright future ahead of her!!!


This is me

I have been wanting to do a thoughtful and meaningful self portrait.  I wanted it to be a definition of who I am in this current phase of life.  After much thought, I decided that I was going to do a mulitplicity shot- several “me’s” doing what I do in a day.  The setting worked perfectly in our kitchen area.  Life normally revolves around a kitchen naturally and having the dining nook and even our computer desk nearby made it a no brainer.  I spend most of my day in and out and through the kitchen.  I sat and brainstormed how to photographically capture my day.  And here it is.  From just waking up and being greeted by my crazy bed head 3 year old to trying to usher the troops out the door as we go to the gym, homeschool time, quiet time when I get to edit photos in peace and preparing dinner for the love of my life.  I have aspirations now to do this every year and see how the snapshot of my life is defined each year and how it changes.  Being a military family, of course the setting will change frequently which is also part of our little slice of life.  I know one day I will look back at this snapshot of my life and smile.


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