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Backlit haze- before and after

I just love when there is such a dramatic difference from when I bring a photo into photoshop and when it leaves.  And especially when it really wasn’t a long and extensive edit.  Check out this backlit photo and how Kylee’s face goes from hazy to happy!   To me there is a huge shift of focus back to where it is supposed to be- on beautiful Kylee!  Happy Wednesday!Kylee_12-copy

Kylee: Verrado Senior Photographer

Meet Kylee.  She is my Pastor’s daughter and just the sweetest thing you’ll meet.  She babysat for my kiddos when they were little and she was only a Freshman at the time.  And I can’t believe that it’s almost time for her to leave home and venture out on her own.  She is just gorgeous and has such a genuine personality.  I just love her fresh and pure look!  It was such a privilege to be asked to take her Senior pictures.  She’s got a bright future ahead of her!!!


This is me

I have been wanting to do a thoughtful and meaningful self portrait.  I wanted it to be a definition of who I am in this current phase of life.  After much thought, I decided that I was going to do a mulitplicity shot- several “me’s” doing what I do in a day.  The setting worked perfectly in our kitchen area.  Life normally revolves around a kitchen naturally and having the dining nook and even our computer desk nearby made it a no brainer.  I spend most of my day in and out and through the kitchen.  I sat and brainstormed how to photographically capture my day.  And here it is.  From just waking up and being greeted by my crazy bed head 3 year old to trying to usher the troops out the door as we go to the gym, homeschool time, quiet time when I get to edit photos in peace and preparing dinner for the love of my life.  I have aspirations now to do this every year and see how the snapshot of my life is defined each year and how it changes.  Being a military family, of course the setting will change frequently which is also part of our little slice of life.  I know one day I will look back at this snapshot of my life and smile.


Here we are: West Valley Phoenix Photographer

We’ve moved.  And I am just now feeling like some days I’m not drowning in daily life of unpacking boxes and getting settled.  All the other daily life stuff has me busy enough- sheesh!  ;)  We are now back in the hot and dry desert of Arizona!   We were here three years ago and things are the same but boy have they changed!  I love the west.  I love the dry air.  I love seeing the mountains.  I love being somewhere that is hot, but a short day trip puts us in temperatures 20 (or more) degrees cooler!  I was still getting my feet wet in photography during our last time here and this time I am looking forward to diving in!  I’ve been searching with a critical eye for some great spots for photos.  When I think I see something, I’ve got to test it out- and what better way than drag my oh-so-willing kids with me near the witching hour sunset and capture some of that magical sibling love.  Well at least the last part came true.




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